Veguero (50 x 5)

The Veguero (Tobacco Farmer) is the classic morning cigar of those who with love, grow the leaves that are later enjoyed by the cigar aficionados. Full of vivid flavors this is the perfect smoke for those who need a cigar with a bold personality in a short amount of time. Our humble tribute to their traditions.

Strength: Full-Mellow
Smoking Time: 30-35 Minutes

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A Different Ballpark

Out of all blends, this was the one that pushed us the longest trying to achieve the initial concept we had. Our purpose was to create a unique and original variation of Maduros Cigar. This tend to be high on flavor and power at the same time and the idea was to keep the intensity on the flavor while smoothing the power. The result is a cigar that can be smoked all the way until the end by those who typically cannot enjoy a maduro without traces of an overwhelming profile. By far our boldest creation.

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