Prohibido (50 x 5)

The Prohibidos (Forbidden) got their name thanks to the words of one of their first taters: “It should be Forbidden to create a cigar with such nice flavor in a small format.” That phrase perfectly defines what the Forbidden is all about; a delightful flavor in a short smoke for those who does not have the luxury of smoking a bigger cigar.

Strength: Medium
Smoking Time: 30-35 Minutes

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The complicated way to be simple.

For this blend we used cigars that became really popular in Cuba in the first half of the 20th Century as inspiration. Our purpose was to achieve a piece with vivid flavors and no trace of bitterness or sourness. This formula is the perfect go-to option for those who enjoy taste on their cigars without having to fight it. For this blend we combined leaves from Estelí, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic, a neutral binder from Indonesia and a “Habano Colorado” wrapper grown in Ecuador.

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