Predilecto (52 x 6)

The Predilectos (Favorites) is like its name implies the prefer choice of the creator of Clandestinos Cigars. A cigar with an amazing balance between strength, size and flavor; goes perfectly regardless of the occasion. This is in a few words the convergence of sensation all the cigar must have.

Strength: Medium
Smoking Time: 45-60 Minutes

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Medium Blend

For this blend we used cigars that became really popular in Cuba in the first half of the 20th Century as inspiration. Our porpoise was to achieve a piece with vivid flavors and no trace of bitterness or sourness. This formula is the perfect go-to option for those who enjoy taste on their cigars in a low intensity of power. For this blend we combined two ligeros from Jalapa, Honduras and Dominican Republic, A Nicaraguan grown leaf and a seco grown on Dominican Republic complete the filler which in binded and wrapped by Habanos leaves grown in Ecuador.

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