Don Alejandro


Don Alejandro Piramide Extra (54 x 6.5)

This Extra Pyramid is a tribute to the most iconic figure of the Tobacco Industry in Cuba: Alejandro Robaina. Rolled with the highest quality standards is a go-to cigar for the expert smoker, in a bigger format than the “Unico” design by The Godfather of Cuban Cigar

Strength: Medium-Full

Smoking Time : 50-75 Minutes

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In the past years the everyday smoker of hand rolled cigars in the US has moved toward high intensity flavor with a spicy note. Said movement is the direct result of the influence and popularity Nicaraguan made cigars on the market. To make this line our concept was to to recreate a cigar that fit said profile without moving away from the norms and style of the Cuban rolling academy. The end product is a singular version of the profile we wanted with a slightly sweet touch to balance out smoking sensation. The filler is a mix of Nicaraguan Leaves with a Seco from Dominican Republic, the binder and wrapper are Red Habano leaves from Ecuador.

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